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Biggest 14" of space to the right of the needle 

  •         This means more room for big projects and big hoops

(10") centrally located Touch Screen

  •         This means easy to see, more room for words instead of cryptic symbols and more design capabilities

Largest embroidery field at 16.1" x 12"

  •         We like big hoops for big bags, big jackets and the ability to quilt a full 12" QUILT BLOCK!

Camera & BERNINA Placement Scanner

  •         This means no need for a projector, more design time on the machine instead of going to software, and less math!

BERNINA Integrated Stitch Regulator (BISR)

  •         This means that you can use a RulerWork foot and have the same quality stitch regulation as a BERNINA Q Series Longarm