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The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed tames hard-to-manage fabrics, providing superb fabric feed and optimum visibility while sewing. Easy to engage when needed, the BERNINA Dual Feed tucks completely out of the way when it’s not. The B 740 performs many tasks all by itself. The presser foot lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam. Threading is semi-automatic, and the thread is automatically cut when you reach the end of a seam. The BERNINA 7 Series includes a meticulously engineered extended freearm with 10 inches (254mm) of working space to the right of the needle. Not only does the B 740 provide plenty of room for large sewing projects, it's also ideally suited for beautiful decorative stitching with its 9 mm stitch width. Small sewing jobs such as inserting zippers are completed flawlessly. As your ambitions grow, the B 740 can be further upgraded with a wealth of optional accessories. The BERNINA Adaptive Thread Tension, a BERNINA innovation, provides ideal thread tension while sewing to achieve perfect stitch quality on both sides of the fabric.  The Bernina 740 has 800 stitches.  Call the store for pricing details. 208-743-4448